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Pick Up Lines For Girls to Use on Guys

There are not many pick up lines for girls to try on guys. Because of this issue we have come up with a list of pick up line for girls o use on guys. Girls it is now your turn to try and use these funny pick up lines and make the guy feel a little uncomfortable. Remember the best pick up line is usually just “hi” or “how is your day?”. If you are going to use a pick up line on a guy he will probably be shocked. Okay he will be really shocked and not know how to respond to you! So if you try one of these pick up lines and get a funny response please email us and tell us how it went. Also if you have any good pickup lines to use on guys please let us know and we can add it to the list bellow. Hope you enjoy these pick up lines to us one guys. Also check out our page how to get a guy to like you, and how to get a girl to like you. Feel free to leave any additional pick up lines for girls to use on guys in the comments at the bottom.

Pick Up Lines To Use On Guys

  1. Can I borrow your phone? I told my ex boyfriend that I would call him when I found someone better.
  2. Did they just take you out of the oven? Boy, you’re hot.
  3. Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.
  4. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often?” (If he doesn’t get it, he is not worth the trouble.)
  5. Did they just take you out of the oven? Boy, you’re hot.
  6. Are you smoking? (No!) Oh, yes you are!
  7. You know sweety, my lips won’t just kiss themselves. Please help
  8. Kiss me if I am wrong, but isn’t your name John
  9. Hey I just realized this, but you look a lot like my next boyfriend…
  10. Hello. Are you taking any applications for a girlfriend?

  • Ash him what is are some good pick up lines for girls to use on guys and see his reaction.
  • I’ve looked for a man with a VCR and I’ve finally found the perfect one…. thats a Very Cute Rear by the way.
  • Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.
  • (Brush against him and say) I’m sorry. You look familiar.
  • Hey i am single you are single lets go on a date!
  • (If a man is staring, go up to him and say) Well. Do you want to go out or not?
  • You must be a prizefighter. One look at you, and I’m knocked out.
  • Either my eyes need checking or you’re the best looking guy I’ve seen all week.(Hope you like thes pick up lines to use on guys)
  • Here I am! What were your other two wishes?
  • Are you the kind of guy who can look after himself or do you need a cute girl to take care of you?
  • Are all the men in this place shy?
  • Are you funny, because I only like funny guys?
  • They said finding the right man would be tough, but they never said it’d be this tough

  • If someone were to write your biography, the climax would be you meeting me.
  • I’m a math teacher. One plus two equals me and you
  • I never do this, but I think you’re cute and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.
  • Are you smoking? (No!) Oh, yes you are!
Good luck and have fun using these.
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